It was July, 2007 and the end of Harry Potter was near.

Before millions of people could read it, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows inevitably leaked. There were two versions, the “carpet” and the “Flickr” books. As we now know, the carpet version was real. The question is, what the fuck was up with the other version.

The date on the carpet version files was Jul 15 while on the Flikcr version it was Jul 19. The carpet version was in full and all I could find of the Flickr version were only 6 pages. So it might very well be an elaborate hoax. But it wasn’t Photoshopped, I know Photoshop and that was real ink on real papers. So there was a physical book.

Since then I always imagine J.K. Rowling did write two versions and even printed a few of the second one just for lulz, but really what kind of author does that? And why the fuck did nobody get even a bit curious after all those years of obsessing over the books? It’s a mystery I’d love to finally know the absolute answer so Tumblr please help. It’s time to uncover the truth, spread the words, ask our Rowling, see if anyone was murdered.

At least someone find me a way to read the whole thing because it was fucking glorious.